The settings page in the sidebar brings you to the place where you can configure your profile, security, billing, teams and more.
Firstly, in the profile tab, you can set some basic information to furnish your booking link, such as your name, a short description and avatar. You can even change the brand color, which sets a new active color on all of the UI elements in your booking link. You can disable the branding on your booking page too, for a completely whitelabel experience.
The security tab covers a few important features. Firstly, you can change your password at the top. If you've forgot your password but are still logged in, you'll need to log out and go through the forgot password flow to reset. Next, there's a section to generate API keys for the API. More information can be found on the API in our developer documentation. Lastly, there is the option to enable two factor authentication, which is a highly recommended security step which requires you to enter a one time password in addition to your regular password whenever you want to log in to
Next is the teams tab, where you can create and manage teams in Teams allow you to do a number of things, such as create team event types (round robin and collective), as well as manage team billing, view each other's availability and more.
Last is the billing tab, where you can head to the billing portal, enabling you to change your payment methods, cancel your subscription and more.
Last modified 7mo ago