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Warning: When performing database migrations, you may lose data if the migration is not done properly.

  1. Pull the current version:

    git pull
  2. Apply database migrations by running one of the following commands:

    In a development environment, run:

    npx prisma migrate dev

    (this can clear your development database in some cases)

    In a production environment, run:

    npx prisma migrate deploy
  3. Check the .env.example and compare it to your current .env file. In case there are any fields not present in your current .env, add them there.

    For the current version, especially check if the variable BASE_URL is present and properly set in your environment, for example:

  4. Start the server. In a development environment, just do:

    yarn dev

    For a production build, run for example:

    yarn buildyarn start
  5. Enjoy the new version.