These routes allow you to CRUD bookings within

Admin access

This endpoint supports System Wide Admin access, as well as Organization Wide Admin access.

As an Organization Admin, you can now query bookings for your Organization members, be it GET, POST, PATCH, or DELETE


We have added pagination to this endpoint to handle large responses. You can now use the take and page query parameters to get the specific batch of bookings you need.

  • take: The maximum number of bookings you want in a batch.
  • page: The page number to retrieve the bookings from, based on the total number of bookings divided by take.


If there are 100 total bookings and you set take to 25, there will be 4 pages of bookings. To get bookings 26-50, set page to 2.


  • take: Maximum number of bookings per batch (e.g., 25)
  • page: Page number to retrieve (e.g., 2)

This way, you can easily navigate through large sets of bookings by specifying how many bookings you want per batch and which batch to retrieve.

Note: Pagination is optional, in the absence of take and page, the response will contain all bookings.

Find all bookings



Please note that the use of userId for filtering the bookings in the GET request is an ADMIN only call. This will not yeild the filtering for non-admin API calls

Create a new booking



Find a booking



Edit an existing booking



Remove an existing booking



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