You need a PostgresDB database hosted somewhere. Supabase offer a great free option while Heroku offers a low-cost option.

Getting Started

Local settings

  1. Fork and clone the repository

    git clone<your-fork>/
  2. Copy the .env.example file in apps/web, rename it to .env and fill it with your settings (See manual setup and Obtaining the Google API Credentials)

  3. Install packages with yarn

    yarn install
  4. Set up the database using the Prisma schema (found in packages/prisma/schema.prisma)

    yarn workspace @calcom/prisma db-deploy
  5. Open Prisma Studio to look at or modify the database content: yarn db-studio

  6. Click on the User model to add a new user record.

  7. Fill out the fields (remembering to encrypt your password with BCrypt) and click Save 1 Record to create your first user.

  8. Open a browser to port 3000 on your localhost and login with your just created, first user.

Sometimes, yarn install might fail during deployment on Vercel, in which case, you can use YARN_ENABLE_IMMUTABLE_INSTALLS=false yarn install as the install command instead.


  1. Create a new project on Vercel

  2. Import from your forked repository

  3. Set the Environment Variables

  4. Set the root directory to apps/web

  5. Override the build command to cd ../.. && yarn build --include-dependencies --no-deps

  6. Hit Deploy

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