Setting up Stripe

  1. Create a stripe account or use an existing one. For testing, you should use all stripe dashboard functions with the Test-Mode toggle in the top right activated.

  2. Open Stripe ApiKeys save the token starting with pk_... to NEXT_PUBLIC_STRIPE_PUBLIC_KEY and sk_... to STRIPE_PRIVATE_KEY in the .env file.

  3. Open Stripe Connect Settings and activate OAuth for Standard Accounts

  4. Add < URL>/api/integrations/stripepayment/callback as redirect URL, replacing URL with the URI at which your application runs

  5. Copy your client*id (ca*...) to STRIPE_CLIENT_ID in the .env file.

  6. Open Stripe Webhooks and add < URL>/api/integrations/stripepayment/webhook as webhook for connected applications.

  7. Select all payment_intent events for the webhook.

  8. Copy the webhook secret (whsec_...) to STRIPE_WEBHOOK_SECRET in the .env file.

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