Providing necessary google calendar integration permissions integrates seamlessly with your Google Calendar. This integration allows to create events, view your schedule, and avoid conflicts, ensuring a smooth and efficient booking experience for everyone involved. However, to achieve this level of synchronization, needs certain permissions from Google Calendar.

Please make sure to allow these requested permissions when prompted. Without these permissions, the integration might not work as expected, as it could be blocked from carrying out necessary actions like creating, updating, or viewing events. The following explains the necessary permissions and why it is crucial for users to accept them all.

Why does need these permissions

View your Calendar needs permission to view your calendar events. This permission enables the platform to look at your current schedule and find available timeslots that can be offered to other people for booking. The software uses this information to prevent double-booking and to ensure that your schedule is always up-to-date.

Create Events

To automate the scheduling process, needs the ability to create events directly on your Google Calendar. This means that when someone books a time with you via, the platform can automatically create an event on your calendar, blocking off that time to prevent other bookings.

Edit Events

In addition to creating events, also needs permission to edit events. This allows the platform to update events when necessary. For instance, if a scheduled meeting gets canceled or rescheduled via, the platform can automatically update the event on your Google Calendar to reflect the change.

Delete Events

Similarly, if an event is canceled via, the platform may need to remove the event from your Google Calendar. This is to ensure your calendar remains accurate and up-to-date.

Please ensure to grant all requested permissions to sync your Google Calendar

For to function optimally and ensure an efficient scheduling process, it is essential that users grant all the requested permissions during the Google Calendar integration process. It's important to note that respects user privacy and will only use these permissions for scheduling purposes, in accordance with our privacy policy.

By accepting these permissions, you enable to synchronize seamlessly with your Google Calendar, automating your scheduling process and saving you valuable time.

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