Event Type slot display issues

When encountering discrepancies in slot availability on the cal.com event type/booking page, follow these steps to troubleshoot and resolve the problem:

If Booking Slots Are Available When You Are Unavailable:

  1. Check Connected Calendar:
    • Review your connected calendar for events marked as "free" instead of "busy," particularly all-day events such as vacations or out-of-office days. Some calendar providers, like Google Calendar, default to marking such events as free.
    • Navigate to your cal.com settings under “Settings” > “Calendars” and ensure that the calendar containing busy events is toggled to be checked by cal.com for conflicts.
  2. Verify Date Overrides:
    • If you've set up date overrides in the availability settings, ensure they are configured correctly. Date overrides may override your availability for specific time periods.

If Booking Slots Are Unavailable When You Are Available:

  1. Review Connected Calendar:
    • Check your connected calendar to confirm that events marked as free are indeed marked as busy during your desired booking times.
  2. Adjust Time Intervals:
    • Verify the time intervals set for your event type. If your availability starts or ends at non-standard intervals (e.g., 8:15 - 11:30), adjust the time intervals accordingly. By default, cal.com displays slots starting on the hour only. Increasing intervals to 30 or 15-minute increments will display additional slots. Refer to the time slot interval documentation for more information.
  3. Check Buffer Times:
    • Review buffer times applied before or after meetings. Buffers subtract time before or after a meeting, potentially affecting slot availability. Refer to the buffer time documentation for guidance.
  4. Verify Booking Frequency Limit:
    • Ensure that the booking frequency limit is set appropriately. Adjust settings accordingly if there are restrictions on how frequently bookings can be made. Refer to the booking frequency documentation for assistance.
  5. Check Limit Future Bookings:
    • Review the "Limit Future Bookings" setting to ensure it aligns with your availability preferences. Adjust this setting if necessary to allow for future bookings. Refer to the limit future bookings documentation for more details.

By following these steps and checking each aspect meticulously, you should be able to effectively identify and resolve issues with slot availability on the cal.com event type/booking page. If the problem persists, don't hesitate to contact cal.com support for further assistance.

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