Assign people to a call from a CRM or database

Option #1 Based on CRM integration

If you are working with a CRM such as Salesforce, Hubspot, or similar, you can use our integrations to connect to your apps.

We're using the Assignee APIs from each service to understand which person is assigned to an email of a new lead.

By prefilling your booking link with ? our integration will look up who has spoken to before and skip all round-robin logic.

Here is an example URL:

This works with Embeds as well, just add the parameter to your CalLink property.

Option #2 Based on Emails

If you are using a different product that we don't integrate with, or you need something more custom you can also achieve this with our Organization plan.

We've built our Organization system in a way where every email can be turned into a scheduling link with your company subdomain: → (or

This means if you have a table


You could show an embed inside your application simply by using the value from AccountExecutive to build the link: → either with a string replace function or a simple regex.

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